The Cemplicity Way


Deliver on the philosophy of patient-centred care by capturing and sharing patient and family feedback with all your teams, then giving them the tools to take action on opportunities to improve.

Cemplicity's job is to make it easy for patients to get their stories and ratings to the people who can then act and make a difference. We do this in a way that respects patients' right to privacy and keeps their information secure.

We are passionate about the part we can play to improve the quality of healthcare services by bringing patients to the centre of your planning and decision making.





Healthcare Stories

Auckland District Health Board

Our first Patient Experience client, ADHB lead the way with their continuous Inpatient and Outpatient monitors and their consistent dedication to acting on patient feedback to improve the quality of their services. Designed by Point & Associates, their surveys are tightly focused on the proven drivers of good patient experiences, but with the flexibility of the Cemplicity system, patients also get to talk in depth about those aspects of their care that are most important to them.

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